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Empresarial University of Costa Rica in Wikipedia

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (also known as Entrepreneurial University of Costa Rica & Empresarial University in Costa Rica)

Acronym UNEM

It's a private university located in the suburb of Zapote, in Montealegre, in the state of San Jose de Costa Rica. The begins of it academic life, was through the Business School of San Jose.

Unmet educational demand, by the 5 public universities, made possible the proliferation of 52 private universities, making a total of 57 universities that currently operate in Costa Rica.

The educational body to control and regulate the operation of private universities is CONESUP (National Council of Higher Education).

In the case of the Entrepreneurial University, its operation is approved in the assignment No. 336-97 of November 5, 1997 ( ).

Empresarial University in Costa Rica it's also been listed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); International Association of Universities (IAU) and the International Handbook of Universities Under Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica

Costa Rica, has the peculiarity, that his army was abolished in 1948 ( ), which induces the Costa Rican people to channel their efforts towards technological progress, driven by education.

The world was no stranger to this effort, which back in 1987, the President's Office, Dr. Sanchez, is winner of the Nobel Prize in Peace ( ).

Public education system was established in 1917. At the time of study abroad, Costa Rica is an option to consider, as are Spanish and English, both official languages ( ).

The low cost of living, the invaluable ecosystem, beaches and people, explain why more people choose to do their undergraduate and / or graduate there. With distance education, the benefit of higher education in Costa Rica, is not limited to natives of the region, or who, have the resources to travel and study there, but also opens its doors to thousands of people around the globe, that through e-learning now also access their education through virtual classrooms in distance mode.

All Private Universities in Costa Rica are autonomous, once that the National Council of Higher Education also known as CONESUP approve their operations, all institutions regulate themselves.

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica, has academic agreements, several universities worldwide, offering academic cooperation, sharing new developments and trends in order to raise the long-awaited forum at both student and faculty.

The website of the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica is

Also the main site in Spanish



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